Hailey Madison Pereira (Flower Girl)

Hailey Madison Pereira (Flower Girl)

Hay Hay's been questioning Uncle Toddy-Boy and Claudia's relationship longer than Claudia has. When she was only 4-yrs-old she was asking if Todd would marry Claudia. And one of her most infamous recent quotes was: "If Todd and Claudia have a baby, will it look like Dora?"

Hailey is always thinking about others, sensitive to their needs well beyond her years, and always lending a helping hand. It didn't take her 10 minutes to warm up to Claudia the first time they met, as she took Claudia's hand and directed her to the basement for some doll and ball time.

There could be no better flower girl. With Dylan, a young 4 year old as the ring-bearer, Hailey will surely not let him stray. Her confident nature, come by honestly from her mother and father, will have you forgetting her petite stature in no time. As the second prettiest girl in the wedding ;), yet surely the most active, you'll have a hard time taking your eyes off her. The most athletic kid on her block (even including the older boys), she is still the epitome of girly-cute.

One of the most challenging parts of living in the big city is being distant from family. But having Hailey nearby, and watching her parents raise her into the caring young woman that she is, has made the distance from the rest of our family much more tolerable. Thank you Hailey!







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