Where'd You Register?

Short answer: We didn't.

    You see, we unfortunately have no space for more things. It may sound odd, but let us help you understand.

    Take a walk into your bedroom and look around from wall to wall. You see, that's about the size of our entire apartment. Our closet door hits our bed when we open it; Todd's bike hangs above his head while he's sleeping; and we need a foot ladder to access many items that we need on a daily basis.

    Most importantly, we must travel from Joplin, MO, all the way back to New York City, and shipping gifts halfway across the country is costly and logistically a pain for our local family.

    Hopefully you understand, but if you are kind enough to send us a gift in celebration, please send checks, cash, gift cards, or something creatively similar.


Will you help spread the word that Todd & Claudia have no room for tangible gifts?

Yes, I'll notify others who are attending (16)

No, I think it's lame, and they should have registered (2)

Total votes: 18