Alec Reisner

Alec Reisner

Todd was so sheltered before meeting Alec, it took Alec's counsel for Todd to even get a passport. Todd may have never traveled the world without this guy, and therefore, may have never learned to appreciate South American culture and Claudia de Cali, Colombia. No one has done more to show Todd the world, as well as all sides of all issues. Alec holds an unparalleled combination of humor, intellect and youthfulness, and his dear friends mean the world to him. 


If you're lucky enough to make that cut, you will never stop thinking about the fun times and stimulating conversations you'll have at his urging. Whether it be on a train ride through Portugal, on a boat off the coast of Brazil, waiting in line at a crowded airport in New York, or fouling each other for a rebound on courts in The East Village, there is never a dull moment with Alec. We recommend you go up to him at the reception and ask him any random question (tip: he has a law degree, an education degree, teaches in Aruba, and is moving to Brazil this summer). No matter what you ask him, entertainment is sure to follow. (no pressure, Alec)

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Date: 06/25/2012 | By: Eduardo Logemann II

Alec reisner is my teacher in Brazil. I study at the Pan American School of Porto Alegre. Alec, or Mr. Reisner is a great guy. He thought me how to write a essay and also how to be a better person. Indied, ask Alec any question! Once, in the recess time, I asked him what to say to a girl when you want to ask her out. HE IS MY TEACHER! But he gave me a great advice that I will carry and remember of him for the rest of my life. The advise was to tell the girl that she seams very interesting. This way you would be putting the pressure on her to continue looking interesting. I thought he was going to put my name on the board, but he gave me one of the best advises I have ever had! He is also a very experienced guy, full of knowledge, coolness, and one of my best teacher yet, including miss merrigan. He is leaving our school this wensday, which is a pitty. I am really sad, even more then when miss Kelsey left our school, but now I know how to deal with my tears. Anyways, Mr Reisner is Awsome and I will never forget of him.

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Date: 02/22/2014 | By: leonela hernandes

Yes, indeed Mr. Reisner is a very great teacher & friend. I had him as a teacher too back then in I believe 2004. I would love to meet up with him, plz inform me how to reach him. Thanks

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