Jorge Pereira

Jorge Pereira

Initially the guy who was just dating Todd's sister, Jorge quickly became not only one of Todd's most trusted family members, but also one of Todd's most-reliable friends. His list of favors for Todd and Claudia is endless, and he is always someone to make the sometimes-passive Claudia feel welcomed (even if it takes making fun of Todd en spanish--one of the 4 languages he speaks). He's not only a dedicated father to Todd's beautiful niece Hailey, but he's an athletically-talented soccer stud, a financial guru, and a patient husband.


Without Jorge and his family, Todd's transition to the Big City would have been impossible; there are not enough words to thank Jorge and his family for their hospitality since the first day Todd stepped of the plane in New York. Jorge has always been adamant about calling Todd 'family', and treating him like a blood-brother. It is truly fitting that he will be helping Todd and Claudia continue to grow the family.

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My hubby

Date: 05/19/2010 | By: Cassidi

Okay, so I will give props to my husband when he deserves it. He is loving, kind, and a wonderful husband. I agree, he is a wonderful father and takes care of his girls.



Date: 05/18/2010 | By: Connie

I must add to your many Jorge-compliments. As a mother and grandmother, I know my beautiful girls are in good hands. Jorge takes such good care of Cassi and Hailey, treating them both like the little princesses they are. Patient, kind, and thoughtful, he always welcomes me with open arms. And. Todd, Jorge is the only person I know who can match your wits!
Congrats on the new baby! I love you, Jorge!

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