Jack Green (no relation)

Jack Green (no relation)

Jack is just one of those people who makes you appreciate everything you have--especially him as a friend. He's accomplished so much, going from practically zero to hero! If you'd have asked him his junior year of high school if he'd earn a PhD, fall in love with his perfect woman, have a beautiful child, and develop a myriad of marketable skills--from technology to coaching, I doubt he'd have answered "Yes." But none of us close to him ever doubted what he could accomplish. Claudia has always reminded Todd of Jack, as they are both resilient, passionate and ultra-caring. When we think of Jack, we think of a quote from a Mizzou football player that Todd recently read: "Tough times don't last. Tough people do." And in Jack's case, throw in an effectively-sensitive side, also. We love you, man!

Topic: Jack Green (no relation)

Jack Green

Date: 06/27/2010 | By: Andrew

That's not the Jack quote I thought you were going to use, but probably the more appropriate one for this family event. I couldn't agree more - Jack is a great man and a fantastic friend. Jack and Todd must be related somehow. Jack ... what happened to your "e"?
Can't wait for the wedding! Andrew


Date: 05/23/2010 | By: Connie Randall (Todd's mom)

Jack is a sweetheart! I enjoyed visiting with him last week and exchanging Todd stories. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. My heart melts when I think of Todd's friends Jack and Andrew. They are as thoughtful and kind as Todd -- so deserving of one another! So glad you are here for Todd now!
See you at the wedding!

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