Don Citarella

Don Citarella

"The Travails of Don and Todd" could easily be a coming-of-age novel. Not only did they help each other grow from college kids in the Midwest to career-men in the Big City, but they also spent together one of the most emotional days of their lives: 9/11. Within hours after the attacks, Don and Todd walked into the aftermath like two shocked childhood explorers, etching images in their minds much more unforgettable than any documentary or Commission Report.


Since then, they have constantly consulted each other on life and business issues. Also of much significance, they both understand the importance of a good karaoke-background-singer. These bonds have been enough to nurture a friendship that will last forever. Don's an extremely talented artist, an uber-successful entrepreneur (, and a motivation to Todd and Claudia both. We're so glad he's making the trip to Missouri, even in the midst of a very busy time in his life.



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