Chris Scarnati

Chris Scarnati

Todd and Chris have had many moments neither will ever forget (and neither will ever repeat), and Todd and Claudia have never met a more talented, creative mind. Chris is a guy who makes life's seemingly mundane moments seem book-worthy. And he may have Sports Illustrated-published writing skills, but he still chose to earn a Master's in Education to help with the New Orleans recovery by moving there to teach underprivileged children.


However, don't get too caught up in that mushy stuff because his jokes will make you blush, his sports knowledge will crush you in any trivia game, and he's so well-spoken that you will have more fun at the reception just talking to him than you will dancing in the spotlight. Be forewarned of this unpredictable juxtaposition of a man. We can't wait to hear his rendition of the wedding weekend, and know it would be empty without him. Thanks, Chris for flying up from New Orleans! 

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Date: 08/30/2015 | By: Elissia

Hi how is your day with marking my homework wrong and I did it

Science and social studies

Date: 02/02/2013 | By: Jessica williams

Mr scarnati you are the best teacher I've ever met in the world


Date: 03/16/2011 | By: chris scarnati


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