Cassidi (Greene) Pereira

Cassidi (Greene) Pereira

Todd's Big Sis is truly an inspiration. Leaving Joplin at 18 years old to escape childhood and chase the unknown's of adulthood in New York, she has since received 2 degrees, including a Master's degree, inspired hundreds of children on a daily basis, married into one of the most beautiful families on the planet, raised another bundle of inspiration, and on our wedding day will be 3 months away from bringing into the world another childhood joy.

When her brother and husband escort her to the front of the church, expect a trio of sincere smiles. Cassidi's dedication to perfection and impassioned, ingenious advice throughout the years, have helped Todd make some of his best life decisions--including to marry Claudia. Cassidi constantly hosts Todd and Claudia at her and Jorge's lovely home, and is gradually learning to trust Todd and Claudia with her most valued possessions :). Big Sis (and Sis-in-law), we are so glad you received your pediatrician's clearance to fly, as the wedding would be empty without you.



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