Andrew Buchanan

Andrew Buchanan

Since just after Todd could walk, this guy has been both Todd's perfect friend and most-trusted teammate. From poppin' wheelies in the alleys and home run derbies on little league baseball fields, to college roommates and business trips to Newark, Todd and Andrew have never spent more than a few months apart. He also talked Todd into running triathlons, when neither of them owned a bike or had ever swam competitively. Andrew has rescued Todd from a ditch in the middle of Illinois, then emptied his own change pocket to help salvage Todd's only remaining clothes.


Without Andrew, Todd may have never completed his desperate and panicked move to The Big Apple. However, Andrew has also intentionally beaned Todd with a baseball, right in the privates--not that Todd would hold a grudge. Claudia actually thinks Todd deserves that much more often, and appreciates Andrew for keeping Todd humble throughout these years. We love Andrew with all our might, and can't wait to see his and Kim's beautiful new boy, Luke, for the first time during our wedding weekend.


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Date: 05/23/2010 | By: Todd's Mom

I can't think of a time when Andrew wasn't around.
Since T-Ball these two have been kicking-it-around!
I hope I used that term correctly. So happy you are a part of Todd's life. I, too, can't wait to meet your wife and hold your sweet little baby! See you at the wedding! Connie

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