We usually find the best flight deals at or, but don't rule out using any other site or travel agent you can find. Below are your airport options, each with its own unique benefit.

Note: Price estimates below were gathered from a quick search on April 21st, with the following parameters:

  • Round-trip flight
  • Leaving Thursday night (July 1), returning Monday (July 5)
  • Does not include a rental car
  • Remember, Monday is a no-work day!


- Joplin Regional Airport  (JLN) 

Definitely the closest airport, but definitely not the cheapest. It's right in town, yet would require a transfer from a larger airport (or two). Also, the plane are so small they could be considered SUVs.

From NYC: $500 - $700

From Miami: $600 - $800


- Kansas City International Airport (MCI)

The most popular option. Flights are fairly cheap, yet it's still another 3 hour drive to Joplin (straight south)! You'll need to rent a car, or carpool. This is the airport Todd and Claudia usually use. For an extra $100 round-trip, you can usually get a flight from the KC airport to the aforementioned Joplin Airport. The airline you'll use is most likely Midwest.

From NYC: $340 - $500

From Miami: $350 - $800 


- Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF)

More expensive than Kansas City, but also a much closer drive (2 hours rather than 3 hours). You would also be very close to Lambert's Cafe after you landed, which is Travel Channel's top place in the country to Pig Out. Also, Brad Pitt was raised here.

From NYC: $450 - $1,000

From Miami: $450 - $950


- Tulsa International Airport (TUL)

May be the best option. Less than a 2-hour drive straight east, cheaper than flying directly to Joplin, and with more flight options. Tulsa is also the home town of the Hanson brothers. MMMmmmmBop!!

From NYC: $350 - $900

From Miami: $300 - $950



- Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA)

Land right next to Walmart's Bentonville, AK headquarters! In fact, rumors have it that this airport owes its existence to Walmart employees and vendors.  Also, it's only 1.5 hours from Joplin, and rental jalopies are cheap. Competitive prices.

From NYC: $525 - $600

From Miami: $400 - $1,100